Histopathology Tests

Histopathology tests are a type of laboratory analysis that examines tissue samples to diagnose and identify abnormalities or diseases. These tests are commonly used to diagnose cancer, as well as other conditions such as infections, autoimmune diseases, and inflammatory disorders.

Histopathology tests involve analyzing tissue samples under a microscope to look for changes in the structure, composition, and behavior of cells and tissues. These changes can provide important clues about the nature and severity of a disease or abnormality, as well as guide treatment decisions.

Some common histopathology tests include biopsy, in which a small sample of tissue is taken from a patient’s body for analysis, and cytology, which examines cells obtained from body fluids or tissues.

Histopathology tests are performed by highly trained laboratory professionals, including pathologists and histotechnologists, who specialize in preparing and analyzing tissue samples. These professionals use specialized staining and imaging techniques to help identify specific cellular structures and behaviors, which can provide important information about a patient’s condition.

Overall, histopathology tests are an essential tool in the diagnosis and management of a wide range of medical conditions. By examining tissue samples at a microscopic level, these tests can provide valuable insights into the underlying causes of disease and help healthcare providers make more informed treatment decisions.

Histopathology Tests At Diascient Labs

Test DescriptionRequired SamplePerforming daysReporting Time
Cytology- PAP SmearSmear alcohol fixedEvery dayAfter 3 days
Histo/Biopsy (L) with IHCBiopsy Tissue in formalinEvery dayAfter 10 days
Histo/Biopsy (Small) with IHCBiopsy Tissue in formalinEvery dayAfter 10 days
Histopathology Tests at Diascient Labs